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Continuous Commissioning®

Continuous Commissioning® is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, and optimize energy use for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities. Continuous Commissioning® incorporates and extends existing building commissioning practices.

The CC® process
  • Results in improved occupant comfort and satisfaction
  • Normally uses existing equipment rather than costly retrofits
  • Achieves higher system efficiencies over traditional methods

The Energy Systems Laboratory has developed the Continuous Commissioning® process to improve comfort and performance using cost effective measures. CC® incorporates the best of retro-commissioning techniques into a process that has achieved superior performance in over 300 buildings around the globe. The objective of CC® is to produce a rapid payback while providing sustained improvement to building performance according to the facility’s actual use.

The Energy Systems Laboratory and it’s Licensed Partners, Command Commisioning, HHS Associates, SSRCx, and TEESI have access to the tools, research and expertise that make the Continuous Commissioning® process effective. This select group of Engineers and Building Professionals have the necessary skills and training to quickly identify the best improvement opportunities—those that can be implemented with the least cost while producing the greatest impact.

The Energy Systems Laboratory's director, Dr. David Claridge, was recently interviewed about the Lab's Continuous Commissioning® efforts:

Continuous Commissioning® Facts:
  • Implemented in over 300 buildings
  • Provides an average project simple payback of under 2 years
  • Used in climates around the world
  • Produced over $100 million in savings with a $13 million total investment

Check out a few of our case studies to get a better understanding of the CC® process:

To find out how the CC® process can help you with your sustainability, energy management, and carbon footprint reduction objectives, contact the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University.

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