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Malcolm Verdict

Malcolm is an Associate Director, Research Engineer, and senior Project Manager for Continuous Commissioning® at the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL). He serves as chair of ESL’s nationally acclaimed International Conference on Enhanced Building Operations [ICEBO] and the Industrial Energy Technology Conference [IETC] as well as liaison with state and federal government and public energy policy groups.
Malcolm’s field of expertise is in energy management and energy policy. He has had over thirty-four years of experience in these fields in both the public and private sectors. He has provided energy management and Continuous Commissioning® services while at ESL that have saved over $10 million in avoided energy cost.
Malcolm has managed several major Continuous Commissioning® projects for ESL, including the Austin airport and City Hall, Texas Facility Commission, Texas A&M International University, Alamo Community College District and fifteen IBM plants and data centers in US, Canada and U.K. He authored a landmark study for the national Transportation Research Board on “Reducing Energy Use in U.S. Airports.” He is the Lab liaison to state and the Federal governments on energy policy issues related to the ESL mission and serves on the Energy Policy Committee of the Alliance to Save Energy in Washington, D.C.
Prior to joining the ESL, he was responsible for national legislation that requires all federal buildings be constructed 25% greater than AHSRAE, be sub-metered for energy use and have a retro-commissioning assessment every four years. He championed energy efficient construction practices with Millard Fuller, founder of the Habitat for Humanity, which ultimately resulted in their adoption of Energy STAR practices nationwide. He also created the highly successful LoanSTAR revolving loan program for energy retrofits that has saved over $250 million in Texas public buildings since 1991.
Malcolm has B.S. in Mathematics at the U.S. Air Force Academy, a Master’s in Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University and a banking certificate from the SMU School of Banking. He is a Certified Energy Manager [CEM] and a member of the Hall of Fame (2011) of the Association of Energy Engineers as well as recipient of their Energy Manager of Year award (2005).