Energy Systems Laboratory
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Staff Directory

Lynette M.  Ajie
Lynette M. Ajie
Business Coordinator II
Juan-Carlos  Baltazar
Juan-Carlos Baltazar, Ph.D, P.E.
Associate Director, Manager of the Energy Analysis Group & Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
Kevin D.  Christman
Kevin D. Christman
TEES Research Engineering Associate III
David  Claridge
David Claridge, Ph.D., P.E., PCC
Director & Leland Jordan Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Charles H.  Culp
Charles H. Culp, Ph.D., P.E., FASHRAE, LEED-AP
Associate Director & Professor, Department of Architecture
Valerie L.  Dockery
Valerie L. Dockery
Business Coordinator I
James A.  Eggebrecht
James A. Eggebrecht, P.E., C.E.M.
TEES Associate Research Engineer
Shirley G.  Ellis
Shirley G. Ellis
ESL Energy Codes Specialist
Kimberly D.  Greer
Kimberly D. Greer
Administrative Coordinator
Jeff  Haberl
Jeff Haberl, Ph.D., P.E.inactive, FASHRAE
Associate Directorá & Professor, Associate Department Head for Research, Department of Architecture
Kim  Jones
Kim Jones
TEES Research Engineering Associate II
Pam A.  Karonka
Pam A. Karonka
Business Coordinator III
Xiaoli  Li
Xiaoli Li
TEES Research Engineering Associate II
Joseph T. "Joe" Martinez
Joseph T. "Joe" Martinez, PCC
Associate Director & TEES Senior Research Engineer
Hiroko  Masuda
Hiroko Masuda
TEES Research Engineering Associate IV
Patrick B.  Parker
Patrick B. Parker
Senior Software Applications Developer
Michael  Pate
Michael Pate, Ph.D.
Associate Director; Director, Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory & Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Norma L.  Rangel
Norma L. Rangel, Ph.D.
Research Engineering Associate IV
Bryan P.  Rasmussen
Bryan P. Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Assistant Director; Director of the Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) & Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, holder of the Leland T. Jordan Career Development Professorship
Angela  Rowell
Angela Rowell
Program Coordinator
Yifu  Sun
Yifu Sun
TEES Research Engineering Associate II
James F.  Sweeney
James F. Sweeney
TEES Assistant Research Engineer & Laboratory Manager, Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory
Ahmet  Ugursal
Ahmet Ugursal, Ph.D.
TEES Research Engineering Associate III
Kathy J.  Wadle
Kathy J. Wadle
Program Specialist I, Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory (REEL)
Lei  Wang
Lei Wang
Carlos  Yagua
Carlos Yagua, P.E.
TEES Assistant Research Engineer
Ying  Yang
Ying Yang
TEES Research Engineering Associate III
Bahman  Yazdani
Bahman Yazdani, P.E.
Associate Director & TEES Research Engineer
Gali  Zilbershtein
Gali Zilbershtein, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, ESL Research and Business Services