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TCV News

What's new in version 1.1?

One the biggest changes in TCV 1.1 is the enhancement of the User Interface Technology. The whole user interface has been moved to Adobe Flash Technologies and is more responsive then before.

  • We've added the ability to save a house as a template or to copy an existing house to quickly add more houses into TCV.
  • You can now quickly search for any of the projects in TCV.
  • You can organize your projects into categories in order to take better control of your categories.
  • You no longer need to enter a TRCC number for registration.


What is the difference between TCV v1.1 and IC3 v3.x?

Differences between the ESL IC3 v3.0 and TCV include IECC 2006 with Austin Ammendments in the simulation, an Inspection system, input of the Manual J determined HVAC size, specifying the energy source of the water heater separately from the house heating, roof reflectance set by user, different acceptable entry values (due to the different adopted Code), entry of feet and inches for overhangs, editing of the user's account information, and improved IE6/IE7/IE8 compatibility.