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Texas Building Registry Demographics

New building construction characteristic reports being added for March 2011

The Texas Administrative Code 388.008c lists areas where ESL may cooperate with Industry to accomplish three tasks including: "Provide a registry of completed ratings for newly constructed residences and residential improvement projects for the purpose of computing the energy savings and emissions reductions benefits of the home energy ratings program"

The following shows selected data from the International Code Compliance Calculator's (IC3) database starting with data collected in 2009. IC3 provides paper (or PDF) energy code compliance certificates to homebuilders for submission to their local building officials. The system's functionality was expanded in 2009 to include IECC 2006 (Houston) and IECC 2009 code compliance. Builder and code official training was conducted around the State.

It was during evaluation of this data that new requirements were identified such as differentiation between final and work in progress projects, third party verification of construction, and the need to merge IC3 and TCV as the State began to move to IECC 2009.

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IC3 Usage in Texas

This graph shows the growth in new accounts per month (in blue) and the cumulative accounts (orange) by month. This is anyone who has registered in the software except those with a University email account.
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IC3 Users vs Certificates - Texas

This chart shows the relationship between Active Users and Certificates. Active Users are non-University, non-Government email accounts, and who have generated one or more Certificates. Certificates are what the user prints to give to their building official - assuming that the house is at or above code. In 2009 users would enter a basic floor plan and re-cycle it to generate certificates.
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IC3 Certificates for Top 10 Counties

A graphical representation of Certificates generation by County shows that the largest adopter is the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) area.

Top 10 Counties for IC3 Certificates, last 12 mo

Over the last 12 months certificate counts have been heading up!.
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IC3 Certificates for Top 10 Cities

Graphical representation showing the City of McKinney and City of Dallas as the largest generators of IC3 certificates from Oct 2009 forward.

 The top 10 Cities generating IC3 Certificates over the last 12 months are the cities of Dallas and Denton.

During the last 12 months these cities are showing growth!

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TCV Data

2009 New Users of the TCV Software

This graph shows the number of new users of TCV each month for the last 12 months.

Projects from the TCV Software from July 2009 forward

A graphical representation of the number of projects on TCV from Austin/Travis County from July 2009 forward.

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