Energy Systems Laboratory

Continuous Commissioning® Technology

Investigation and Modeling

Opportunity Assessor

Using measured energy consumption and some basic questions about the building, Opportunity Assessor identifies the potential savings opportunity for it. It is useful at the early stage of identifying—in a systematic way—buildings which are good candidates for the CC® process.


This tool is used in the CC® process during the detailed assessment. From this assessment, engineers create an hourly-simulation model, and calibrate it to the measured energy consumption. Then the model can be used to predict savings by applying various energy efficiency measures.

Implementation/Data Analysis/Visualization


This tool is used in the CC® process to acquire, store, time-align, analyze, and visualize trend data obtained from the building automation system. With more and more data flowing from buildings, it makes sense to extract useful information without getting flooded with data.

Continued CC®


Honest and transparent Measurement & Verification (M&V) is important in the CC® process. Based on an agreed-upon selection algorithm, Validator automatically creates inverse models, stores energy consumption data, and estimates realized savings from the CC® process. Read a recent academic paper from our team that describes the approach.