Energy Systems Laboratory


The Lab helps produce and host various energy and emissions related conferences. Most conference proceedings can be found through the OAKTrust Digital Repository.

Texas Energy Summit (previously CATEE)

TES Catalog

The Texas Energy Summit serves as a valuable forum to help communities improve decisions that determine the energy and water intensity of the built environment and reduce related emissions. The goals of the conference include sharing information on how to implement state and local energy efficiency policies, raising awareness of the impact of such policies, developing a move toward new policy goals, and highlighting and celebrating successful policies and best energy efficiency practices to achieve emissions reduction in the built environment.


ICEBO Catalog

ICEBO is no longer a current conference, 2001-2014. The International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations, or ICEBO, is a well-established global forum providing technology transfer, best practices, education and excellent networking opportunities for those who use the latest innovative solutions to enhance operations and maximize the efficiency and productivity of their buildings.


IETC Catalog

The IETC, or Industrial Energy Technology Conference, is hosted by the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. It is a one-of-a kind conference featuring a topics important to industrial energy managers, utility experts, government program managers, vendors and others. The latest technologies and expertise on smart manufacturing, corporate energy management, energy opportunity analysis, and case studies of successful, real-world industrial efficiency projects are presented.

Hot & Humid

H&H Catalog

Hot and Humid is no longer a current conference. Past conference presentations can be found through the Hot and Humid Catalog.