Energy Systems Laboratory

RELLIS Energy Efficiency Laboratory

The RELLIS Energy Efficiency Laboratory (REEL) was established in 1939 as a test and research facility for the heating, ventilation and air condition industry. For more than 70 years, this independent, laboratory at the Texas A&M University RELLIS Campus has served air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers globally.

The laboratory is ISO 17025 (Laboratory Quality) accredited and is also an approved testing laboratory for the Home Ventilating Institute and the California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Program. Additionally, REEL provides air conditioning and heat pump testing. REEL’s mission is to provide accurate and repeatable testing and research results, whether it is from a standard test/research procedure or from a custom testing or research procedure developed for specific equipment requirements. REEL strives to accomplish these activities with the highest quality, accountability and ethical practice. REEL has extensive research and testing experience investigating new technologies for HVAC systems.

Examples of recent and ongoing HVAC projects dealing with both systems and components are in areas such as, innovative compressor configurations, new refrigerants and lubricants, non-standard temperature and weather performance, innovative evaporator configurations, dehumidification technologies, heat driven air conditioning units and condensate recycling.

REEL Laboratory Recognitions and Accreditations

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