Energy Systems Laboratory

REEL’s Facilities


Refrigerant Component / System Evaluation Test Bed

The Refrigerant Component/System Evaluation Test Bed is a fully instrumented refrigeration loop. This test bed can be modified at any point to test different refrigerants, lubricants, compressors, evaporators, thermal expansion valves, condensers or full systems in a variety of configurations.

Psychrometric Rooms Facility

The Psychrometric Test Facility provides a controlled environment for testing air conditioning and heat pump systems. This facility is fully instrumented and computerized to monitor and record dry bulb, wet bulb and dew point temperatures from +10 to +120º F, and to measure relative humidity from 5% to 95%. The facility can accommodate equipment up to 10-tons in capacity, and can measure air flow rates from 150 to 5,000 CFM. This test facility meets ASHRAE Standards 116 and ARI 210/240.

Heat Exchanger Performance Facility

The heat exchanger facility is fully equipped to test flow, heat transfer and pressure drop across heat exchangers and the associated heat transfer correlations.

Airflow Chambers

REEL has 6 airflow chambers that can be used to test fans up to 8 feet in diameter with capacities from 1 to 50,000 cubic feet per minute. The test chambers are built to ANSI/AMCA Standard 210 as well as the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 51, HVI 915.

Duct Performance and Evaluation Facility

REEL has facilities to test the performance of a duct with respect to pressure drop, leakage rate, and duct deflection. In addition REEL is capable of testing duct liner attenuation.

Semi-Reverberant Sound Room Facility

The Semi-Reverberant Sound Room Facility is an acoustically isolated room that is designed to reflect sound waves throughout the room. The semi-reverberant sound room is often used to test the sound level of small sound sources, such as residential fans for HVI and Energy Star.

Miscellaneous HVAC Evaluation Facilities

REEL has several other HVAC evaluation facilities, these include a vent cap evaluation facility, an energy recovery ventilator recovery facility, pressure drop facility, flow calibration facility, chiller evaluation facility, and building heat transfer evaluation facility.