Energy Systems Laboratory

REEL’s Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fans can the laboratory test?

The REEL is an HVI and ES approved test laboratory for the performance testing of residential ventilation products. The laboratory has several airflow chambers that allow all residential ventilation products to be tested. Bathroom exhaust fans, range hoods, inline fans, kitchen and other household exhaust fans, whole house comfort ventilators, powered attic ventilators, static vents (such as ridge vents and soffit vents) and duct terminal fittings. In addition REEL can test commercial and industrial blowers up to 50,000 cfm.

How does a customer start the process to have fans tested at REEL?

With a phone call or an email, a customer can contact the REEL to start the process of having a ventilation product tested. A laboratory staff member will discuss the customer’s testing requirements and assist in the development of a test plan. After the discussions, a formal quote will be sent to the customer that details the testing to be done, the price for the testing and a schedule for the proposed testing to be completed. Typically, products sent for certification testing will be tested within 10-15 working days after receiving the products at the laboratory.

Can I witness the testing of my products?

Yes, REEL allows customers to view the testing of their products in the laboratory. Customers wishing to see their products tested in the laboratory must make the request in writing during the initial planning stages of their product testing at least 1 month in advance. Once informed, the laboratory will send the customer the required forms that must be completed and returned prior to issuing the contract for testing.

What must be done prior to witness testing?

Witnessed testing allows the customer to observe the process of his/her products being tested in the REEL. This is a courtesy that we provide to our customers. This must be requested by the customer in writing during the initial conversations that lead to the contract for product testing. Upon receiving the request for witnessed testing, the laboratory will send the required release forms that must be filled out and returned during the initial discussions for product testing. This is necessary due to insurance and risk management policies. Rental of the laboratory for research and development is another service that we provide to our customers. This service allows the customer to “rent” the laboratory on a per day basis, one day minimum, to do research and developmental testing of residential ventilation products. The laboratory will provide one test technician for each day to facilitate the testing. The customer agrees to send a minimum of one person, experienced with the products to be tested. Working together, the customers’ designated representative and the laboratory technician will mount and test the products. If the performance goals are not achieved with the first test, then other options, such as a different motor or a different blade, wheel or grille may be tried. If the performance goals are then achieved, the R&D test report can be provided for an additional fee. A certified test report from the REEL is accepted both by the HVI and CEC.

What must be done for witness testing?

The customer must designate and send a company representative to the laboratory that is experienced with the products to be tested. The company representative will receive test data for each test performed. The company representative is responsible for assessing the test data and determining the suitability as applied to the products being tested.

What payment methods does REEL accept?

Payment for testing services at REEL can be made via company check, credit card or wire transfer. NOTE: TEES’s administrative policy requires that all international and first time customers pay the total amount stated on the contract – in full, in advance and in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.