Energy Systems Laboratory
Kevin Christman

Kevin Christman

Senior Research Engineer III, Continuous Commissioning® (CC®) Software Development Group Manager, ESL



[email protected]


Mr. Christman, P.E., has 8 years of experience in developing software tools to assist in building energy analysis and commissioning. He is the lead mechanical engineer in the software development team for Continuous Commissioning® at the Energy Systems Lab.

Before joining the ESL full-time in 2010, he earned his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. His graduate research was in the HVAC field, specifically in identifying methods for non-invasive power measurement of pumps and fans. He has worked on field projects that implement the Continuous Commissioning® process, from preliminary assessment to full implementation, and has been responsible for the design of various software tools developed in the Lab for analyzing buildings.

He has led the software team in developing multiple tools:

  • • Opportunity Assessor program, which creates dozens of calibrated energy simulations to arrive at a high-level understanding of energy-saving opportunities in a building.
  • • WinAM, an hourly HVAC simulation modeling tool with rapid calibration, to arrive at simulation models that can be used to predict savings from various energy-efficiency measures.
  • • Implementer, which stores/visualizes/analyzes BAS trend data, to help field CC® engineers quickly leverage BAS trend data to identify problems and verify applied solutions.
  • • Validator, which automatically creates data-driven inverse models for M&V purposes. These models help estimate realized savings in a transparent and automatable way.

Mr. Christman has also been the lead P.E. in providing technical support and training to engineering firms that are licensees of the CC® process.


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  • Christman, Kevin. 2010. “Methods for Rapid Estimation of Motor Input Power in HVAC Assessments,” M.S. Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, ESL-TH-10-05-01.