Energy Systems Laboratory

Sebastian J. Eluvathingal

Senior Research Engineer I, Continuous Commissioning® (CC®) Software Development Group, ESL


[email protected]

Mr. Sebastian has 11 years of experience in building energy analysis, building automation systems, building energy analysis tool design, and building science research.

He joined TEES in 2011 and has been working in the Energy Systems Lab, where he divides his time between the Software Development group and the CC© group. He has helped design all the tools used in the CC© process while doing his Ph.D. part time, and managing, growing and providing technical support and training to the 10 engineering firms that are licensees of the CC® process.

He has been involved in many CC© projects for various entities such as hospitals, cities, commercial buildings and independent school districts. He continues to split his time between hands on CC© and CC© software development. The goal being to make the CC© tools help the CC© licensees and specialists become more efficient while leveraging the latest in technology and research.

Recent projects that he has been part of with the ESL include Continuous Commissioning© for Veterans Affair Hospitals at Raleigh, Salem, Fayetteville, Manhattan, Brooklyn and St. Albans. Projects in commercial buildings for CISCO & Assessments for TxDOT, THHS & Texas Tech Medical Center.

Publications & Conferences:
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